Bulk Upload

How to use the Bulk Upload feature with CSV files

Bulk Upload is a feature that will allow you to upload up to 1000 items at a time using a CSV file. Additionally, items can be uploaded to eBluejay directly using Amazon's or etsy's feed format.

What is a CSV file

A CSV file is simply a format of separating values by commas, hence comma separated value. Each row of a CSV file represents 1 item, except for the first row which is called the header. The header describes what the values in the same column below it contain. You'll need the right desktop software to view the CSV file such as OpenOffice or Microsoft Excel. The CSV file will appear as a spreadsheet while editing in your desktop software. When saving the file be sure to select comma as the separator.

example CSV spreadsheet

CSV spreadsheet

What values should the CSV contain

eBluejay will require at least a subject, description, and price. Recommended columns are condition, shipping_cost, and product attributes. The product attributes can either be custom OR 2 of the following 3 fields UPC, brand or part_num. Apparel products require color, size, gender and age_group regardless if it is custom or not. Books require ISBN. For Vintage items or Books without an ISBN, mark the custom field TRUE

How to use the eBluejay Bulk Upload

Click on the Browse button to select the CSV file containing your new items. Click Submit to send the file to eBluejay for a preliminary pass checking for errors. The CSV upload (Bulk item listing) must have 0 errors in order to be accepted into the system. Errors will show up immediately after uploading the CSV feed. Processing will happen at midnight and items will be inserted into your store by the next day.

Some examples to get you started

The best way to show how to use the bulk loader is with some downloadable example CSV files.

  1. Empty CSV with headers
  2. Simple - flat rate shipping, basic attributes
  3. Typical - images, flat rate shipping, custom categories, basic attributes
  4. Custom goods, vintage items, old books - custom attributes
  5. Shipping calculated based on buyer address - USPS/UPS/Fedex

eBluejay CSV column names

click on the column name to expand


A short description of the item for sale. The maximum length is 100 characters.


A more detailed description of the item. HTML is allowed. 50000 maximum characters.


The price in US Dollars.


Optional. The number of items available. If set to 0, the item cannot be purchased but will remain in your store. (default: 1)


The URL of the images associated with this item separated by a space. Up to 24 images can be specified. (e.g. http://example.com/image1.jpg http://example.com/image2.jpg)

This field specifies how the cost of shipping is calculated. This value can be one of 5 values:
  • flat_rate (default)
  • calculator
  • seller_pays
  • pickup_only
  • see_description

"seller_pays" (FREE) shipping, no other shipping related field is required. "flat_rate" shipping, the only other field required is [shipping_cost]. Specify "calculator" when using the buyer's shipping address to calculate the shipping cost. The default shipper and Shipping Address specified in your "Store Policy" will be used when calculating the shipping cost. "calculator" will also require the following fields:
  • length
  • width
  • height
  • weight
  • book_media
  • courier


Flat rate shipping cost for the item. This is required when the [shipping] is "flat_rate". Default value is 0 (FREE SHIPPING)

Optional when [shipping] is "flat_rate." The cost of shipping each additional item.


Required when [shipping] is calculator, must be USPS, UPS or FedEx"


Required when the [shipping] is "calculator." The length is in inches. Do not add units.
(e.g. 54)


Required when the [shipping] is "calculator." The width is in inches. Do not add units.
(e.g. 22)


Required when the [shipping] is "calculator." The height is in inches. Do not add units.
(e.g. 14)


Required when the [shipping] is "calculator." The weight in pounds. Do not add any units.
(e.g. 2.1)


Optional when the [shipping] is "calculator." TRUE if the item is a book, media or related item which qualifies for special discounts by certain carriers. (default: FALSE)


The condition of the product can be one of 3 values:
  • Used
  • New
  • Refurbished
(default: New)


The numerical id of the category the item will be placed into on the main site. This field is not required. To find the category_id which matches your item, view the list of valid categories that can be used in the category_id field https://www.ebluejay.com/pages/bulkcategories. )


Optional. If custom categories are enabled for your store, this is the id of the custom category the item will go into. If not specified, the items will be placed in the "Other" custom category for your store. (default: 0)


Optional. Specify a unique identifier for your own inventory control.


The item is handmade or custom built and has no brand, part number or other identifying mark. This value can be either TRUE or FALSE. (default: TRUE)


The brand name or manufacturor of the item. Not required for custom items or books.


The part number / model number of the item. Or if it's a component piece, the part number. Not required for custom items or books.


The UPC of the item if available. Not required for custom items or books.


For media items with an ISBN. For books without an ISBN specify TRUE for custom.


Required for Apparel items only. Please specify the main color of the item.


Required for Apparel items only. Please specify the size of the item.


Required for Apparel items only. This value can be one of 3 values:
  • Male
  • Female
  • Unisex


Required for Apparel items only. This value can be one of 2 values:
  • Adults
  • Kids