FABRIC Eight Fabric Bundle ½ yd ea. 4 Yards #32e

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FABRIC Eight Fabric Bundle ½ yd ea. 4 Yards #32e
100% cotton. Various brands
Each of the 8 half yards measures 18” x 44/45”.
Are you a Fat Quarter collector? Did you know the best way to add to your fat quarter collection is to buy a half yard so you’ll get two fat quarters for the buck.
Let's do the math for this half yard bundle sale, you'll be paying 26.00 + 8.25 = $34.25 then divide that by 16 (because you'll basically be getting 16 fat quarters) which means you'll be paying only $2.14 per Fat Quarter.
At that price keep one and give one to a friend.

IN THE KNOW! I’ve been quilting for a long long time and I know for a fact that a HALF YARD IS ALWAYS 18”. Some great thinking person came up with the idea of creating a FAT Quarter which is half of a half yard... so follow with me here. If a fat quarter is half of a half yard it must always be 18” x ??”. The ??” is the width of fabric which has changed. Fabrics always used to be 44/45” which made the fat quarter 18” x 22” but fabric manufacturers have been making the width of fabrics narrower 42/43” so the fat quarters started being measured 18” x 21” which is OK because they were still measured as a half of a half yard. Still with me? Well now I’ve seen people pushing off “fat quarters” with the measurement of 17” or 17.5” x 21”. That is NOT a fat quarter. You are getting cheated. A half yard is STILL 18” and a fat quarter should ALWAYS measure 18” x 22/21/20 or whatever the width of fabric was. Stop buying fat quarters that measure anything less than 18”. Soon it will be the norm for a fat quarter to measure less than 18” and everyone will accept it and we, the crafters/quilters, shouldn’t let it happen. Let the seller know they are cheating you and insist that the fat quarter you are buying is 18”. Maybe they’ll stop but maybe they won’t but if you’re in the know you won’t buy from these people. Just buy a half yard. Off my high horse now.
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