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Willie Daniels 1970s Historic Highwaymen painting

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I am a Certified Auctioneer for more than 25 years and master jeweler with 36 years behind the bench. I determine the value of items I sell by; 1. Originality, 2. Availability, 3. Salability or demand, 4. Condition, 5. Historical contribution, and 6. "Market Value!"

A couple of ebay viewers who questioned the price I am asking for this item failed to read or acknowledge the information I've provided in the listing, yet hurled insulting and derogatory comments at me due to the price. Also, neither made any reasonable offer, but both stated that my price was off by a decimal point! I have kept abreast of the sales of most Highwaymen paintings, those executed early and those later. So therefore, I am unable to speak to those who wish to indulge in "elective stupidity."

There are Highwaymen painting bargains to be had, for sure. However, not all Highwaymen paintings are equal in value. These early paintings are what created the Highwaymen, and are the "true" historical works of art. It is a well known fact that after the story of the artists became a matter of publication and notoriety, they began to pump out more paintings by incorporating more assistance from family members and friends. Antique and second hand shops became flooded with the later works. "Caveat Emptor!"

Offered here is an opportunity to purchase a very fine oil on Upson Board, Florida landscape painting by important Highwaymen artist, Willie Daniels. Measuring 30 x 24 inches and signed in the bottom right corner in the "etched in wet paint" manner, this artwork dates to about the early to mid 1970s, and is a rare and early work by this artist who was not as prolific as most of the other Highwaymen were during that period.

The book "The Highwaymen, Florida's African-American landscape painters," by Gary Monroe, displays a similar painting in style and subject matter on the back of the dust cover and as the first illustration of the list of plates within the context of the book. This painting also displays certain characteristics that are consistent with the manner in which the artists handled the material used to execute their works, the details of which are mentioned in the book and described in the details of the condition of this item below. A copy of the book will accompany this purchase at no additional cost. The original frame is on hand and will be provided as well. (Please review all images.)

Willie Brown Daniels was born on January 8, 1951 in Bainbridge, Georgia. At about 10 years of age his family moved to Fort Pierce, Florida. His mother passed away early in his life and his older sister took on the task of raising him and his brother Johnny and sisters.
Willie began painting in his teens, but his productivity during the early years was limited due to his taking on the job of truck driving for the sake of maintaining a steady income. Willie never gave up painting, and in fact since about 2000, he began to teach others to paint as well.

In 2004 Willie Daniels, along with other Highwaymen artists, was inducted into the Florida Artists Hall of Fame. He passed away at the age of 71 on September 19, 2021 in Fort Pierce, Florida.

CONDITION: The Upson board has several imperfections that appear to be indents from handling. The manner in which the artists handled their paintings is actually mentioned in the book, and would therefore offer an explanation as to why there is no paint loss to those areas. The painting does have a few spots of paint loss in the top left and bottom left corners. The painting will be set back onto it's original frame when shipped to the buyer.

Call me at (386) 254-9078 for appointment.

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