Elements of Radio Servicing by William Marcus and Alex Levi 1947 PDF on CD

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Elements of Radio Servicing by William Marcus and Alex Levi 1947 PDF on CD

CD Contents:

Elements of Radio Servicing by William Marcus and Alex Levi (1947): 474 pages

"The field of radio servicing has reached adulthood. Receiver circuits have become so complex that the day of the tinkering repairman is over. Definite and intricate areas of information are a necessity, but perhaps even more important is an approach to servicing. It is the dual purpose of this book to furnish both the information and the approach required for successful radio servicing,especially for the beginner."

Format: PDF, Language: English

Table of contents of the book on the CD:


Superheterodyne Receivers

Servicing Procedure


Signal Generator - Introductory

Setting up the Signal Generator

Signal Generator Applications

AC Power Supply


Second or Power Audio - amplifier Stage

First Audio - amplifier Stage

Detector Stage - AVC

IF Amplifier Stage

Converter: Mixer and Oscillator Stages

Further Notes on the Converter - Variations

RF Amplifier Stage


AC/DC Power Supply

Automobile Radio Installation

Auto Radio Power Supplies

Push-Pull Output Stage

Alignment of a Superheterodyne Receiver

Survey of the Servicing Procedure

The Service Bench

Also included 16 bonus files on the CD: (Here you can see some of them for example!)

Data and Circuits of Television Receiving Valves by J. Jager (1953): 231 pages

Electron Tube Design RCA (1962): 951 pages

Electron Tubes Volume 1, RCA (1935-41): 483 pages

Electron Tubes Volume 2, RCA (1942-48): 352 pages

Electronics and Electron Tubes E. D. McArthur (1936): 180 pages

Everybody's Radio Manual, How to Build and Repair Radio Receivers (1934): 256 pages

Electron-Tube Circuits, Samuel Seely (1950): 540 pages

FTR Handbook of Tube Operation, Federal Telephone and Radio Corporation (1944): 68 pages

Handbook of Piezoelectric Crystals for Radio Equipment Designers, by John P. Buchanan (1956): 692 pages

Radio Experimenters Guide (1923): 53 pages


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