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Algorithm Design by Jon Kleinberg, Eva Tardos 1st edition 9780321295354

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Hardcover has water / humidity damage so puckered pages, but they are very readable. There is tanning on the outside edge but this didn't creep inside the pages. No odor. Not stuck together. Not papery-crispy sounding, but today is extremely humid (again). The pages go glink & glonk if you take a chunk of pages and bend them. Hard to describe. Cover is shiny and looks normal and shows little to no wear. FREE SHIPPING. Mailed within hours, or the next business day at latest.

Programming / General, Programming / Algorithms
Copyright 2006

Algorithm Design Jon Kleinberg and Eva Tardos Table of Contents 1 Introduction: Some Representative Problems 1.1 A First Problem: Stable Matching 1.2 Five Representative Problems Solved Exercises Excercises Notes and Further Reading 2 Basics of Algorithms Analysis 2.1 Computational Tractability 2.2 Asymptotic Order of Growth Notation 2.3 Implementing the Stable Matching Algorithm using Lists and Arrays 2.4 A Survey of Common Running Times 2.5 A More Complex Data Structure: Priority Queues Solved Exercises Exercises Notes and Further Reading 3 Graphs 3.1 Basic Definitions and Applications 3.2 Graph Connectivity and Graph Traversal 3.3 Implementing Graph Traversal using Queues and Stacks 3.4 Testing Bipartiteness: An Application of Breadth-First Search 3.5 Connectivity in Directed Graphs 3.6 Directed Acyclic Graphs and Topological Ordering Solved Exercises Exercises Notes and Further Reading 4 Greedy Algorithms 4.1 Interval Scheduling: The Greedy Algorithm Stays Ahead 4.2 Scheduling to Minimize Lateness: An Exchange Argument 4.3 Optimal Caching: A More Complex Exchange Argument 4.4 Shortest Paths in a Graph 4.5 The Minimum Spanning Tree Problem 4.6 Implementing Kruskal''s Algorithm: The Union-Find Data Structure 4.7 Clustering 4.8 Huffman Codes and the Problem of Data Compression *4.9 Minimum-Cost Arborescences: A Multi-Phase Greedy Algorithm Solved Exercises Excercises Notes and Further Reading 5 Divide and Conquer 5.1 A First Recurrence: The Mergesort Algorithm 5.2 Further Recurrence Relations 5.3 Counting Inversions 5.4 Finding the Closest Pair of Points 5.5 Integer Multiplication 5.6 Convolutions and The Fast Fourier Transform Solved Exercises Exercises Notes and Further Reading 6 Dynamic Programming 6.1 Weighted Interval Scheduling: A Recursive Procedure 6.2 Weighted Interval Scheduling: Iterating over Sub-Problems 6.3 Segmented Least Squares: Multi-way Choices 6.4 Subset Sums and Knapsacks: Adding a Variable 6.5 RNA Secondary Structure: Dynamic Programming Over Intervals 6.6 Sequence Alignment 6.7 Sequence Alignment in Linear Space 6.8 Shortest Paths in a Graph 6.9 Shortest Paths and Distance Vector Protocols *6.10 Negative Cycles in a Graph Solved Exercises Exercises Notes and Further Reading 7 Network Flow 7.1 The Maximum Flow Problem and the Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm 7.2 Maximum Flows and Minimum Cuts in a Network 7.3 Choosing Good Augmenting Paths *7.4 The Preflow-Push Maximum Flow Algorithm 7.5 A First Application: The Bipartite Matching Problem 7.6 Disjoint Paths in Directed and Undirected Graphs 7.7 Extensions to the Maximum Flow Problem 7.8 Survey Design 7.9 Airline Scheduling 7.10 Image Segmentation 7.11 Project Selection 7.12 Baseball Elimination *7.13 A Further Direction: Adding Costs to the Matching Problem Solved Exercises Exercises Notes and Further Reading 8 NP and Computational Intractability 8.1 Polynomial-Time Reductions 8.2 Reductions via "Gadgets": The Satisfiability Problem 8.3 Efficient Certification and the Definition of NP 8.4 NP-Complete Problems 8.5 Sequencing Problems 8.6 Partitioning Problems 8.7 Graph Coloring 8.8 Numerical Problems 8.9 Co-NP and the Asymmetry of NP 8.10 A Partial Taxonomy of Hard Problems Solved Exercises Exercises Notes and Further Reading 9 PSPACE: A Class of Problems Beyond NP 9.1 PSPACE 9.2 Some Hard Problems in PSPACE 9.3 Solving Quantified Problems and Games in Polynomial Space 9.4 Solving the Planning Problem in Polynomial Space 9.5 Proving Problems PSPACE-Complete Solved Exercises Exercises Notes and Further Reading 10 Extending the Limits of Tractability 10.1 Finding Small Vertex Covers 10.2 Solving NP-Hard Probl
    • ISBN 9780321295354
    • Brand Pearson
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