Space Battleship Yamato 2 - ALL 26 Episodes - English Subtitled - 4 DVD Set

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Space Battleship Yamato 2 (TV Series)
All 26 Episodes - English Subtitled
over 10hrs. 4 DVDS

Title: Space Battleship Yamato 2
Episodes: 1 ~ 26
Original Release: 1978 ~ 1979
Total Running time: 635 min.
Video Format: NTSC
Aspect Ratio: Fullscreen - 4:3

Sound: Mono
Audio Language:: Japanese
Subtitles: Englsh/ ON & OFF
Includes: Interactive Menus. Extras, 4 DVDs

The Year is 2201, 2 years after the defeat of the Gamillas Empire and the restoration of Earth, the planet is entering a new age of Militarization with the completion of the new Intergalactic Ship, the Andromeda. However, the Gatlantis Empire (White Comet ), a new and even greater threat than the Gamilas, attacks Earth after crew of the Yamato investigates an SOS signal from the mysterious Teresa of planet Telezart. At the same time Desler, leader of the Gamilas Empire, also seeks revenge for his defeat at the hands of the Yamato

Episode Titles:
01 Year 2201: Yamato, Return Home!
02 The Comet Appears - Modify the Yamato!
03 Rise, Yamato, Earth is in Danger!
04 Departure to the Unknown!
05 Open the Main Guns! Target is the Yamato!
06 The Space Cavaliers' Fierce Battle!
07 Counterattack of the Elusive Space Subs!
08 Inescapable Current in Space!
09 Charge and Destroy the Yamato!
10 Escape Danger With the Roaring Wave Motion Gun!
11 Leader Desler, the Fiend of Revenge
12 The Yamato Dies Inside a Hollow Asteroid!?
13 Ferocious Landing Operation on Teresart!
14 Counterattack! Find Teresa
15 Teresa and the Beginning of Love
16 Teresa's Love and Parting
17 Teresa's Love and Parting
18 All-Out War. All Ships, Begin Combat Operations
19 The Yamato Executes a Dangerous Warp
20 The Yamato's Crucial Surprise Attack
21 The Tragic Death of Captain Hijikata
22 Yamato, Fight Till the End
23 Fated Showdown
24 Deadly Duel Between Two Warriors
25 Yamato Attack on the Imperial City
26 Be Forever, Yamato
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