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Gallegher is a miniseries from Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color. The miniseries is broken up into four parts: Gallegher, The Further Adventures of Gallegher, Gallegher Goes West and The Mystery of Edward Sims.
Episode 1 (originally telecast 01/24/65)
When our story opens, it's 1890, and Gallegher, probably in is early teens, is working as a copyboy, but longs to be a reporter. He sees his chance when the bank next door to the Daily Press is robbed, the watchman shot, and $100,000 stolen by one of the tellers, a Mr. Hade. The bank enlists a Winkleton detective to find Hade, but he hadn't reckoned with Gallegher, who's determined to get the story and the $1000 reward.

Guest Cast: Pete: Donald Losby. Jimmy the Bootblack: Bryan Russell.

• This first episode is based on Davis' original Gallegher short story. In the story, Gallegher is much younger, probably somewhere between eight and ten. The comic book retelling of the story entitles it "The Man with the Missing Finger"

Episode 2 (originally telecast 01/31/65)
Gallegher is determined to clear Police Chief Frank O'Malley f bribery charges, but the evidence is damning: five sizeable bank accounts in his name and the dubious testimony of a fellow policeman supposedly his friend. But when the pickpocket who promised to give Gallegher the real skinny is killed, the boy finds himself in danger.

Guest Cast: Lt. Henry E. Fergus: Jack Warden. Captain Frank O'Malley: Judson Pratt. Dutch Mac: Roger Middleton
• The comic book retelling entitles this story "The Tip-Off"

Episode 3 (originally telecast 02/07/65)
Gallegher, his head filled with the exploits in the dime Westerns that Mr. Dwyer loans him, swears he saw Oklahoma bandit Zip Wyatt in the local bank, but no one will believe him. But when he works extra hours to bring the criminal to justice, he only gets himself arrested for his pains.
Guest Cast: Jimmy the Bootblack: Bryan Russell. Wyatt: Dean Fredericks. Banjo: Louis Quinn.

The Further Adventures of Gallegher
"A Case of Murder" (originally telecast 09/26/65)
After Brownie gives an unfavorable review to Sir Richard Westby, a fulsome British actor appearing in Hamlet, the gentleman challenges the hapless reporter to a duel. But when Sir Richard is murdered, Brownie becomes the chief suspect.

Guest Cast: Sir Richard Westby: Peter Wyngarde. Pete: on Lormer. Katherine Van Raate: Victoria Shaw. Pops: Liam Sullivan.

"The Big Swindle" (originally telecast 10/03/65)
After Adeline Jones bullies Crowley into hiring her, she begins an investigation into confidence men who bilk widows (she and her mother were so victimized). Brownie and Gallegher become her reluctant assistants in an adventure that finds our rugged hero scaling walls—and, more dangerously, donning a Buster Brown suit and carrying a violin!

Guest Cast: John Talbot: Alan Hewitt. Pete: Jon Lormer. Bill: Guy Raymond.

• Wyoming has been admitted to the Union as a state in this story, which dates it on or after July 10, 1890.

"The Daily Press vs. City Hall" (originally telecast 10/10/65)
The Daily Press' new pigeon post and signs of graft in city construction projects figure in this tale of faulty gas lines that have been causing explosions. But it's when Crowley gets arrested for libel that things start to really blow up.

Guest Cast: Charlie Mardis: James Westerfield. Mayor Diffenbaker: Parley Baer. Maid: Maudie Prickett. Pete: Jon Lormer. Butler: John Orchard. Bildad: Vaughn Taylor. Corky Mardis: Tom Skerritt.
Gallegher Goes West
"Showdown with the Sundown Kid" (originally telecast 10/23/66)
Gallegher heads west after Crowley won't make him a reporter, offered a job on the Brimstone Blast—but when editor Whit White sees how young he is, he's turned away. But he accidentally bumps into Mr. Snead, out looking for the Sundown Kid, and sees his chance to get a scoop and earn his job.

Guest Cast: Sheriff Dodds: James Gregory. Marshal Frank Neimeyer: Peter Graves. George Tucker/Sundown Kid: Dennis Weaver.

"Crusading Reporter" (originally telecast 10/30/66)
When Sheriff Dodds implicates Brimstone's Mayor Riggs in corruption charges, Marshall Neimeyer begins a recall—then becomes a mayoral candidate himself. But the campaign gets dirty when the Mayor uses his gunmen to force people not to vote.
Guest Cast: Mayor Gene Riggs: Larry D. Mann. Neimeyer: Peter Graves. Tuck: Bruce Dern. Sundown Kid: Dennis Weaver.

"Tragedy on the Trail" (originally telecast 01/29/67)
Gallegher's desire for a horse—to improve circulation of the Blast, so he says—embroils him in a land feud involving Judge McManus, Joe Carlson, and squatters using range land Carlson says is his, especially when Gallegher is the one that finds McManus murdered.

Guest Cast: Judge James McManus: Walter Sande. Joe Carlson: Bill Williams. Finn Carlson: Tim McIntire. Laura "Laurie" Carlson: Darlene Carr. Mrs. Carlson: Beverly Garland. George Moran: Ron Hayes. Mr. Barlow: Harry Townes. Mr. Hatfield: Joe Maross. John Prentice: Don Keefer.

• Gallagher names his new horse, a red roan with a wide white blaze, Mr. Crowley after his old city editor, because the animal is so contentious.

"Trial by Terror" (originally telecast 02/05/67)
Joe and Finn Carlson turn themselves in, hoping for a fair trial, and Gallegher is determined to clear them; when Laurie discovers Moran is in possession of the judge's watch, he goes into action.

Guest Cast: Joe Carlson: Bill Williams. Finn Carlson: Tim McIntire. Laura "Laurie" Carlson: Darlene Carr. Mrs. Carlson: Beverly Garland. George Moran: Ron Hayes. Mr. Barlow: Harry Townes. Mr. Hatfield: Joe Maross. John Prentice: Don Keefer. Mrs. McManus: Sylvia Field.
The Mystery of Edward Sims
Part 1 (originally telecast 03/31/68)
The Killigrews, a family of Cornish immigrants arrives in Brimstone, having left England after buying land outside town from a gentleman named Edward Sims. When the land office official tells the family that the deeds they have are worthless and that Sims cannot be found, the family and their companions camp outside town until Sheriff Snead can be told. Then Parker, the land agent, is killed, and William Killigrew is found over the body with a gun in his hand.

Guest Cast: Jason Gore: John Dehner. Darcy Killigrew: Stacey Maxwell. William Killigrew: David Watson. Ephrem Killigrew: John McLiam. Eldon Kane: Michael Strong. John Blythe: Warren Oates. Mr. Parker: Wesley Lau. Woman at Burton Ridge Land Office: Ellen Corby.

• My, Gallegher forgets Laurie Carlson quickly.

Part 2 (originally telecast 04/07/68)
Kane is dead, having first confessed to Parker's murder, but Gallegher is still determined to find out the identity of Edward Sims, going so far as to snoop in Jason Gore's private papers. Meanwhile, Gore asks his gunman to get back the land deed from the Killigrews--for the signature on it will prove that he is Edward Sims.

Guest Cast: Jason Gore: John Dehner. Darcy Killigrew: Stacey Maxwell. William Killigrew: David Watson. Ephrem Killigrew: John McLiam. Henry Petterson: Byron Foulger. Della Martin: Jeanne Cooper. John Blythe: Warren Oates.

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