On Hold 10 Grapefruit seeds, fresh collected from the fruit

For sale 10 Grapefruit seeds

Grapefruit has strongest root system from all citrus plants! That is why I recommend you 10 grapefruit seeds as a starter kit. Sow all seeds in a moisture rich soil (miracle grow potting soil is the best!) and in about 30 to 60 days you will see them to germinate. Grow all seedlings for about a year and then decide to keep 2-3 out of them. The strongest ones! The ones which adopted to your room climate better then the other ones. You may choose to graft 2-3 different varieties of citruses on your tree or keep it as a grapefruit. Grafting will help to get your tree flowering sooner. Usually you will need to wait a few years till tree matures but it is worth it.If you buy a fruiting tree out of Home Depot or Loews and keep it inside there is 95% chance that it will die in a matter of one or two month. When a tree is growing from a seed, it adopts to the room temperature, humidity and lighting easier. Grapefruits have very attractive leaves with citrus smell. Dark green leaves have heart shape part of the leave in front of the leave:

Seeds are fresh out of fruit. Remember that the seeds are live. Sow them right away. Don't over water. Citruses like light drying of the soil between the waterings.
Flowers of the grapefruits are the most incredible! You will wake up from jasmine smell in your home even when just one flower opens up!

When tree will be mature enough you may pollinate the flowers and get some fruits out of the tree. Fruits will help to keep bush small because all juices will be forwarded to the fruit.
If you need more seeds inquire me of the quantities. I am sending seeds in a hardy cartoon to prevent the damage while in the mail.
Shipping First class mail in USA

If you have any questions you may ask me anytime!

Grapefruits are the best! Remember they have the strongest root system. So if you decide to graft, lets say lemon, on it - you will end up having nice lemon tree in the pot with strongest roots! It means healthier plant, less diseases and faster growing!

PayPal payment must be received within 3 days after the auction ends, then I ship the item. Feel free to ask me any questions about this item. I am always glad to help you. 10 Grapefruit seeds, fresh collected from the fruit Tags: rutacea,family,citrus,grapefruit,seedling,seeds,fresh,mersedes,toyota,honda,car,underware,bikini
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