On Hold Quercus robur Fastigiata , Columnar English Oak, 1-2 year old, bare root, dormant

You are buying one Columnar oak - Quercus robur Fastigiata English Oak, bare root, dormant.

The plant you are buying is 1-2 year old. Shipping it with roots wrapped in wet media during dormancy (September-April), in container with soil May through September. It is recommended to pot it or plant it in open ground promptly as you receive it (dormant plants). Keep roots moist all the time. Plant will be sent secured in the box. It has developed good root system and ready to be transplanted to the permanent location.

Plant Description

Narrow, upright branches as a young tree, a broader pyramidal form with age. Dark green leaves hold color into fall before dropping. Attractive garden tree or mass in rows along avenues. Deciduous. Evergreen or deciduous trees; leaves alternate and simple, variously shaped in different species; pollen flowers in drooping, elongated clusters; fruit an acorn.

USDA hardiness zones: 5 through 8

Forma fastigiata is a narrow-upright, columnar, fastigiate form of English oak featuring dense, upright branching that rises at a sharp and narrow angle from the trunk. It typically matures to 50-60' tall and to 10- 20' wide. Leaves remain green throughout the growing season with little fall color.

Quercus robur, commonly called English oak, is native to mixed woodland areas from the British Isles to the Caucasus. It has been widely planted in North America since the 1600s. It is a large, majestic, deciduous oak of the white oak group that typically grows in cultivation to 40-70’ (less frequently 100’) tall with a broad-spreading, rounded crown. Trunks are typically short, with ridged and furrowed dark gray to black bark. Insignificant monoecious yellowish-green flowers in separate male and female catkins appear in spring as the leaves emerge. Fruits are oval acorns (to 1” long) on 1-3” long stalks. Acorn caps extend approximately 1/3 the acorn length. Acorns are an important source of food for wildlife. Short-stalked, dark green leaves (3-5” long) with 3-7 blunt lobes per side are blue-green beneath. Small auriculate lobes at the leaf bases distinguish this species from the similar American species of white oak (Quercus alba).

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