On Hold Mulberry ‘Dwarf Everbearing’ (Morus nigra) starter plant

You are buying One rooted starter plant 3-6 inches
Dwarf Mulberry ‘Dwarf Everbearing’ (Morus nigra)

Picture shows average size plant, plus minus. Not an actual plant, you will receive similar to the one on the picture.
Easy-to-grow, this abundant producer of sweet medium-sized fruit has performed exceptionally well in pots yielding several crops per year even during the first season. If grown in pots, they are continuous producers cycling in and out of flower and fruit when given warm temperatures and adequate light. They can be kept under 2’ with moderate pruning. In the ground, they turn into a large bush. Mulberries are known for their immune system enhancing benefits. They are also thought to improve eyesight. Mulberry plants are disease-and-insect resistant and do well as potted plants.
Hardiness Zone 7, 8, 9
Bloom Season Intermittent
Sun Requirement Full Sun
Grows to 2-6'
Minimum Temperature Indoors 35
Plant Type Easy Grower
Light: Full sun, a southern exposure is best.
Temperature: Maintain indoor temperatures above 35°. When grow outside in sub freezing temperatures in containers the pot needs to be mulched to protect the roots from freezing and thawing. Humidity: Indoors preferably 50% or higher although they will tolerate lower levels without harm. Watering: Allow the soil surface to become visually dry between waterings and then thoroughly saturate the soil. Try to avoid a severe wilt.
Fertilizer: Moderate to heavy feeder under warmth and high light. Feed with a balanced fertilizer at regular intervals through it active growing season. Don’t fertilize under low light and warm temperatures which can be found in indoor growing conditions.
Pruning: Prune anytime growth is excessive as the ever bearing varieties flower on the new growth but in general heading back leggy plants in late winter or early spring will allow the summer growth to produce fruit. Seasonal varieties should be pruned after fruiting is complete or in winter when the branches are thinned and headed back enough to maintain form as fruit buds developed on the previous season growth.
Insects and Disease: They are susceptible to spider mites and can be affected by white fly and mealybugs if populations are high nearby. Little trouble with foliage or root diseases.
Comments: Mulberries are fast and easy to grow producing fruit in the first year for ever bearing varieties and make excellent potted plants where the pot actually restricts the growth and maintains manageable size. They are also very productive under sunny summer conditions.

Plants are dormant November until April.
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