Purple Wisteria Vines Bare root

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Bloom Time: C. May Flowering: Blooming Growth Rate: Fast growth rate Plant Group : vine type Plant Type: Deciduous Plant Zone: Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9 Size at Maturity: 20 - 30 ft Size at time of shipping: two year old plants Wisteria sinensis or the purple flowering wisteria is a fast growing vine used to grow on trellises and arbors. Can be trained into tree-form. The flowers are about one inch long, in late May, borne in dense, 6 to 12 inch long racemens. The standard seen on estate trellises. Wisteria is fast growing and as a vine can grown to 30'. It displays moderate water requirements. It also has a moderate tolerance to salt and alkali soils, Shipped bare root 6-12'' at time of shipping.
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