John Ellis Electron 5 water machine Upgrade Accessory

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The John Ellis Electron 5 Water Machine Ozone Upgrade Accessory.

Selling off all existing inventory related to the John Ellis water machines.

I've collected quite a bit since 1990 and want to offer it to people who are still interested in these machines. Message me with your specific requests to list on eBay.

This is an add-on accessory, not the entire water machine.

This condenser accessory easily attaches to your existing water machine. It fits every past and current John Ellis water machine.

That includes: The model 700 series, The Water Wizard, The Living Water Machine, The Electron 3, The Electron 4 and The Electron 5.

This attachment is a secondary condenser, degasification unit with a very powerful ozone steam chamber.

Machined using high-quality 18-8 food-grade stainless steel for the condensor, inlet and outlet fittings and spout.

NO plastic parts. NO toxic teflon or rubber gaskets. NO moving parts to break.

This turns your older Electron 3 or 4 machine into a powerhouse device that's capable of Electron 5-like levels - and beyond! Or, if you already own an Electron 5 unit, use this attachment to bring your advanced energy experiments to the next level. Endless untapped potential.

It's the perfect affordable solution for those who own and love their older machines, who want to continue to reap the benefits of the water it produces, but can not afford a brand new Electron 5 machine.

Engineered to work with the John Ellis machines specifically.

Fully adjustable to work with your specific applications - whether personal health, agricultural or scientific in nature. Because although each person shares the same environmental nightmare of undrinkable tap and well water, no two are assaulted identically.

Here is what you receive:

New 18-8 stainless steel, two-piece condenser degasification unit with ozone attachment. It replaces the cheap plastic-fitted spout that likely came with your new or used machine. You never want hot water passing through plastic!

UV power supply, with power lead that attaches to the UV bulb that comes with this unit and fits the condenser.

New ozone bulb and sealing grommet

Complete instructions and support for part replacement and tech support.

- BONUS: FREE literature that outlines little known scientific research on how to use the power of specific pole magnetism, and the healing power of quartz crystal. Scientific research that you can use in conjucntion with this water energizing attachment and ANY John Ellis water machine that you own! Very powerful information few know about!

The unit attaches without any special tools required, and cleaning / monitoring is effortless.

There is no water purification machine on the market today that can "do it all". Scientists all agree, but manufacturers never admit that simple fact.

Over the past decades, the John Ellis machines have done a great job by controlling and removing many toxins and pollutants that bombard our drinking water sources.

Simple distillation is still one of the most effective methods for water purification, but in recent years - it's a method struggling to remove the recent assault of chemical combinations that no one even knows how to test for. Combinations that make it past the most expensive distillers and fractional methods.

Google the facts yourself to read about the devastation on YOUR local water supply. Every town has it's own personal disaster story, glossed over by the media. No one should "gloss over" the atrocities that flow from your municipality water supply or rise up out of your once pristine private well.

This affordable attachment is the next level of self defense against the latest attacks.

Chemicals and toxins, close to the boiling point of water, rise into the steam of ALL distillers in various amounts. Chemicals get past and into the water you process to drink. This simple condenser attachment works by design and not pseudoscience. A much needed backup, that you control based on your specific needs and applications.

The secondary condenser provides a second-stage "resting spot" where the very hot processed water has more time to condense into steam - to vent more of the volatile chemicals.

These toxins do not make it past this secondary condenser!

You can even add activated carbon to this filter as an extra trap - or filtration media of your choice - for endless combinations of protection.

This secondary ozone condenser adds to the increased energy - already publicized in literature that came with your original Ellis machine.

Upgrade today.

I have used, repaired and modified all incarnations of these wonderful energy water machines for more than two decades. I have answered thousands of emails from people who needed hands-on help - instead of a busy signal from the manufacturer. I know how and why these water machines do what they do - and I can help you understand too.

Made in the USA
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