Are You Being Served? Collection, Series 1-5, BBC Video 2001, Box-Set

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There's plenty of laughter in store when an unbelievably quirky contingent of sales clerks makes shopping at Grace Brothers the comic expiercne of a lifetime.
The staff has been hard-at-work polishing and pressing all 34 classic episodes from the first firve series of this beloved BBC comedy series many available on video for the first time (including the rarely seen black-and-white Pilot episode).
Also included is a bonus disc containing close-ups of your favorite Are You Being Served? stars and more!
Volume 1: PILOT: The Ladies' Intimate Apparel must share a floor of Grace Brothers' department store with the Gentleman's Department.
DEAR SEXY KNICKERS: The amorous adventures of The Grace Brothers staff go deliciously awry as love letters land in the pockets of all the wrong people.
OUR FIGURES ARE SLIPPING: The figures are down and the tempers are up as Mr. Rumbold tries to run the store with all the efficiency of a shop at sea.
CAMPING IN: When a rail strike "strikes' the staff of Grace Brothers camps out inside the store. That leads to a rash of tent-hopping and all-around antics.
HIS AND HERS: The staff smells a rate when a perfome company promotion sends over a sexy salesgirl who's giving much-coveted ties and stockings.
DIAMONDS ARE A MAN'S BEST FRIEND: Conspiracies and paranoia warp the minds of the Grace Brothers staff when a customer offers a hefty reward for a missing diamond.
Volume 2: THE CLOCK: After 37 years of loyal service, Mr. Grainger feels he may be forcibly retired from his job at Grace Brothers.
COLD COMFORT: An international fuel crisis means the heat is off and the thermal underwear in on.
THE THINK TANK: When sales began to slip in the Ladies' Lingerie and Gentleman's Ready-Made departments, the staff puts on a fashion show to boost the business.
BIG BROTHER: When a rash of thefts hits Grace Brothers, Mr. Rumbold installs hidden security cameras for suveillance...and ends up seeing rahter more than he bargained for.
HOORAH FOR THE HOLIDAYS: The prospect of a forced vacation spent together is made more palatable when Young Mr. Grace offers to pay the staff's expenses. Too bad he did't say where he was sending them.
THE HAND OF FATE: When word gets out that a promotion is in the planning at Grace Brothers, the staff seeks the palm-reading advice of Mr. Humphries to see if fate is in their favor.
Volume 3: COFFEE MORNING: Captain Peacock proposes the unthinkable, the he monitor his staff's coffee breaks!
UP CAPTAIN PEACOCK: As a reward for his many years of service, Captain Peacock gains privileges to the Executive Washroom and Dinging Room, to the great consternantion of Mr. Grainger.
COLD STORE: Seasonal illnesses have most of the staff down, but it's all an act for Mr. Lucas, who feigns an illness to spend the day with his girlfriend.
WEDDING BELLS: Young Mr. Grace's announcment that he's going to marry one of his employees sends the staff into an uproar. Can Mrs. Slocombe be his intended trophy bride?
GERMAN WEEK: Ach-tung, shoppers! Grace Brothers is having a special sale on German merchandise. Unfortunately, all the customers seem to be Germans in serach of British goods.
SHOULDER TO SHOULDER: The Ladies' Department is being remodelled, which means, GASP, Mrs. Slocombe and Miss Brahms must temporarily move their counter into the Men's Department.
Volume 4: NEW LOOK: The Great Gatsby look could be the next big style craze! Grace Brothers mounts a big promotion to push the look--with appropriate musical accompaniment, of course!
CHRISTMAS CRACKERS: Managment solicits ideas on how to dress up the store to stimulate holiday sales.
NO SALE: Mr. Grace introduces his latest--and least popular--idea for boosting sales. Open the store early!
TOP HAT AND TAILS: A ballroom dance contest has the Grace Brothers staff at their elegant best.
FORWARD MR. GRAINGER: Mild-mannered Mr. Grainger is given temporary charge of the department, setting off an amazing, monstroud transformation.
FIRE PRACTICE: A surprise fire drill reveals a horrible lack of organization in the store's fire procedures.
FIFTY YEARS ON: Mrs. Slocombe makes quite sure everyone knows her birthday is coming. But she never intended them to guess her true age!
OH WHAT A TANGLED WEB: What exactly is going on between the married Captain Peacock and Mr. Rumbold's secretary?
THE FATHER CHRISTMAS AFFAIR: The Christmas Display Unit, a mechanical Father Christmas, exhibits rather peculiar behavior.
MRS. SLOCOMBE EXPECTS: ...but it's not what everyone thinks! Especially when she smuggles her pregnant cat to work.
A CHANGE IS AS GOOD AS A REST: Mr. Grace decides it's time to liven things up by assigning the sales clerks from Ladies' and Gentlemen's Wear to the one place they have no experience...the toy department!
Volume 6: FOUNDER'S DAY: In honor of Young Mr. Grace's 80th birthday, the staff puts on a hilarious version of "This Is Your Life," using his purloined memoirs.
THE OLD ORDER CHANGES: When Young Mr. Grace returns from travelling abroad, he insists that his staff adopt an easy-going casual American approach to customer service...and to each other.
TAKEOVER: A greedy firm has its eyes on Grace Brothers, so it's up to the staff to pose as shareholders and save their store from a hostile takeover.
GOODBYE, MR. GRAINGER: Treason runs rampant at Grace Brothers when the staff demands the resignation of bad-tempered Mr. Grainger.
IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE: Young Mr. Grace films a commercial for Grace Brothers, but to cut costs he uses his staff as actors. Little does he know that in showbiz, you get exactly what you pay for.
Volume 7: FUNNY TURNS--JOHN INMAN: We know him as Mr. Humphries, now meet the man behind the tape measure. In this revealing documentary, explore the highlights of John Inman's career. Featuring new interviews with the cast and creators of Are You Being Served? Produced by JANICE THOAMS and Directed by ANGELA O'LEARY.
FUNNY WOMEN--MOLLIE SUGDEN: An in-depth look at the life and career of Mollie Sugden, the purple-tressed Mrs. Slocombe, with personal remembrances from the cast of Are You Being Served? Produced & Directed by BOB PORTWAY.
A LIFE ON THE BOX--WENDY RICHARD: From Are You Being Served?? to EastEnders, Wendy Richard has lived her life on the television screen. Now, get up close and personal in this exclusive documentary, featuring interviews with such Are You Being Served? alumni as John Inman, Mollie Sugden and Trevor Bannister. Produced by JANICE THOMAS & Directed by ANGELA O'LEARY.
ARE YOU BEING CONFUSED? Don't know your Y fronts from your knickers? Then this handy guide to the world of British slang will definitely give you a leg up!
Starring: John Inman, Mollie Sugden, Frank Thornton, Trevor Bannister, Wendy Richard, Arthur Brough and Nicholas Smith
Written by Jeremy Lloyd And David Croft, Produced by David Croft, Directed by Ray Butt and Bob Spiers.
*the box of this item has quite a bit of wear and has been repaired with tape.
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    • ISBN 0-7907-7019-9
    • Brand BBC Video
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