CSV Upload - Bulk item listing

The CSV upload (Bulk item listing) interface will require that every line is valid in order to be accepted into the system. Errors will show up immediately after uploading the CSV feed. Processing will happen at midnight and items will be inserted into your store by the next day. First you'll need the right software to view the file. We recommend OpenOffice or Microsoft Excel.

A CSV is a file where item values are separated by commas, hence comma separated value. Each line of a CSV file represents 1 item, except for the first line which is called the header and describes what the values in the same column below it contain. eBluejay will require at least a <subject>, <description>, and <price>. Recommended columns are <condition>, <shipping_cost>, and product attributes. The product attributes can either be <custom> OR 2 of the following 3 fields <UPC>, <brand> or <part_num>. Apparel products require <color>, <size>, <gender> and <age_group> regardless if it is <custom> or not. Books require <ISBN>. For Vintage items or Books that don't have an ISBN, mark the <custom> field TRUE

The best way to show how to use the bulk loader is with some downloadable example CSV files.