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Erythrina indica
Indian Coral Bean

 A medium-sized, deciduous, tropical tree that can grow  to about 9-30 feet (6-9 m)
as a standard tree. Young stems and branches have thick conical spines up to ¼ inch 
(8 mm) long. These thorns fall off after about 2-4 years leaving behind a bark that has 
gone from smooth and green, to coarse and cork like, a most featuresque aged look that 
would make a perfect bonsai work of art.  

Bright emerald-green leaves fill the tree during the growing season then fall, leaving the tree 
bare but, for a brief time, followed by a spectacular show of coral red blooms.  Birds fill the tree 
like a busy aviary along with a multitude of pollinators during this bloom cycle

Many of our customers grow them in pots and bring indoors when the weather turns rough.

Fun Facts:
1.       Erythrina comes from the Greek word ‘eruthros’ meaning red
2.       The tree blooms in January - February

Standard Zone 9+
Potted Deck Plant 

 NOTE: Germination times vary from 3 months to 9 months. Not all will come 
up at the same time

This may be a challenging plant for you to get started and will require patience 
for germination – (1-9 months) in addition to proper care for success. Needs humidity, 
protection from wind, proper soil, correct watering program. Under excellent conditions 
the plant will reward you with a multitude of exotic blooms and will be well worth the 
work. Don’t try them if you cannot provide these conditions. Do some research, 
if needed, prior to purchase.

Sow seeds upon arrival. Soak for 24 hours in warm water in pots or flats 
and keep warm indoors and cover with plastic or a dome to retain humidity.
Place on a heat mat and keep soil temperature steady at 80-85 degrees F -( 27-29C)

Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle into larger pots. Reduce 
watering in winter. Fertilize with diluted applications of a quality soluble houseplant food. 
Plants can be prone to chlorosis but don’t fear they will come out of it.   
Seeds may float - this is natures way -allowing them to be dispersed by water currents to 
other locations- this is normal
We thank you for your support of rare and naturally grown seeds!
Many of our customers grow them in pots and bring indoors when weather turns rough.

Fun Facts:
1.         There are over 100 varieties of banana plants Grow outside in zones 9 or above
2.         Banana plants usually flower after one year of growing
3.         Flowers are usually huge compared to the plant Banana fruit ripens from top to bottom
Outdoor Standard Zones 8+
Potted Deck Plant
We thank you for your support of rare and naturally grown seeds!

Some seeds require some experience in growing. We provide germination guidance 
and recommend that you do some research before ordering if you feel unsure. 
Growing plants from seed is supposed to be fun. Sometimes it is successful and 
sometimes not- this is the way it is with gardening. Because we are not there to 
plant them, we cannot be responsible for germination failure due to improper 
planting or climate conditions. We will always send you viable seeds

We thank you for your support of rare and naturally grown seeds!
This widely adaptable plant can be used for a wide range of uses including, 
standard growing as well as the greenhouse or houseplant. It makes the perfect 
patio plant but, will need protection from frost. Keep well watered until established.

Each seed pack you buy from us is: 
Properly labeled and packaged in individual packs. 
Each label has information specific to the seed you are buying! 

We have been in the garden - seed business for over 40 years and were one of 
the first to sell seeds on the internet many years ago. We will give you quality 
seed and service. We will be there for you not only today but down the road from 
now should you need growing help or more seeds. We thank you in advance for your business.

Note: all seeds are fresh and viable. We will not and can not be responsible for the 
germination of any seed since everyone has their own methods of starting, growing 
and planting them. We will only advise you of what we think works best. See below for more information.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to know whether any plant or seed is acceptable or 
allowable for the area being shipped to. Seller is not responsible for buyer’s use of 
plant or seeds and any dangers thereof. By purchasing this item buyer accepts this understanding.
All seed descriptions are based on careful study, research and our own growing experiments. 
They are reproduced here, from our web site and seed company packet descriptions and are 
Copyright along with photos © [ Serendipity Seeds ] 1998-present. All rights reserved. 
No part of these descriptions may be reproduced, in part or in whole, without the written 
consent of the owner/publisher.

Seed is a live product which depends on many important grower skills such as proper 
planting time, seed depth, type of soil, watering, light intensity, proper use of fertilizers, 
weed controls, fungicides, insecticides, soil conditions, and reasonable weather during 
the growing period. These factors are totally out of the sellers control, and germination 
and growing results are the buyer's responsibility and risk.

This plant is unmatched in beauty when in bloom. This seed produces a versatile multi-purpose
 plant that is perfect for the plant collector. Seedlings will need a lot of light to grow well. 
Blossoms attract pollinators, like butterflies and hummingbirds, filling the tree with all kinds 
of activity. This plant is highly prized by collectors worldwide and seed is hard to get so don’t 
wait and buy yours today.
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